can some one elaberate what happend today at the ..oxi...parade.!Why did the people of thesalonki call the PRESIDENT of greece PRODOTI..!?

(a)kimon and cigar..ty..for ur cooments much appriciated..i more enlightend now about the situation. ..

but that is a esxos kimon..12000...pensions are paid to dead people? ..u are joking right?

that is what called a tax perk here for the goverment... ... they write it off as a tax loss,and pocket it in brown paper bags dinner partys or at golf games.

but i do have a issue with the word and action of me its when some one gives your position to an enemy at war,..what the politicians have done is sold out...not prodosia..
how ever it merits the same behaviour..
no matter what papaoulias said he foguth the germans as an ardiate.. so did my uncle and my dad fought papaoulia... they NEVER RECIVED PENSION ALL THIE LIFE FOR DEFENDING GREECE.. in fact my uncle was captured and internet and tortured in russsia for 15 years..WHERE IS COMPISATION? papolia u got it good... now that make me angry.can some one elaberate what happend today at the ..oxi...parade.!
Answers:   Well, ppl wanted to show their disappointment for the things that happen the last two years. The President said he was so sad about what happened during the parade but he never said he is sad about the current situation in Greece. He is idiot. And Kimon, I don;t think only communists told him off, I am not a communist nor a public worker, actually the opposite, but I think all these politicians deserve all this , after all you reap what you sow, and the only thing the politicians sow is SH!T (a)(a)(a) To hell with them, they destroy our country so yes in a sense they are traitors cause they sell their country.
Kimon please stick to English. We all have to and it isn't your private soap box.

Or are you swearing at us again? Is that the reason for hiding behind those words?
People that are loosing their (unearned and excessive) privileges try their best to create upheaval.

The people that were there were: union fathers,public workers and communists.

Never worked a day in their live and got paid handsomely by the state for that.
Now they are pissed off, you would too, so would I.

But Greece is a free country and anyone can complain about whatever they like... too free some times.

GC: To oti i xwra einai ena mpaxalo kai miso efthinei exoume oloi mas: Emeis tous psifizoume, emeis kapote pou ta lefta eitan tzampa tous xeirokrotousame gia ti eixame to nou mas mpas kai tsimpisoume ena rousfetaki...
120000 syntakseis pleirwnei mono to IKA se pethamenous, 90 000 synatksiouxoi sta 38 tous, kai 1,1 ek DY plirwnonta gia na mi douleyoun. Taksintzides pou de plirwsane foro pote tous, giatroi kai dikigoroi me eisodimata 6500E, agrotes me katatheseis 10 ek kai vale. To fagopoti ta teleftaia 30 xrona eitan apolyta dimokratiko, kai mono oi vlakes kai oi anikanoi exoun to dikaioma na len "egw den efaga" O xontros exei dikio, alla den to eipe swsta: Mazi ta fagame, o kathenas oso mporouse".

Kai ama ekana ena gkalop stous kamia 500ria pou eitan ekei ti tha evriska? DY pou exasan ta epidomata tous, fitoites pou den exoun allo tipota na kanoun, syndikalistes, koukouedes kai syrizaious, na eise sigouros gi' afto.

Avicenna: I never swear.. so why is the 'again' for?! . And trust me, even if I have written it in English you couldnt undestand a thing either.

Noli the number is 120 000 not 12 000 .. count the zeros.

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