Can a German guy understand some Dutch even though he has never German. Do you understand the Dutch language?Are there many similarities between the Dutch and German langauge?

Assume a German guy can speak German ONLY ( no other langaues ). Will there be a problem if he visits Netherlands?Can a German guy understand some Dutch even though he has never studied Dutch ?

Answers:   There are some similarities, I think. There is not much point in learning dutch if you want to speak it to the dutch people, because they all speak english - I have been to holland and know this to be true. However, I did notice similarities between german and dutch, so you could probably understand some of it - but not all of it.
I understand a bit Dutch cause my grandparents come from there. The most Germans don¡ät understand Dutch except people who live near the Netherland border. They speak a Dialect witch is similar to Dutch.
But many people from Holland can understand German.
In School we had to take one foreign language. In most case it¡äs English. People who are raised in the former GDR had to learn Russian.
I have never studied Dutch but I have been learning German for almost 2 years, and I can understand some written Dutch, so I'm sure a fluent German speaker would be able to understand some also.

I was on a flight from Stuttgart to America and they gave us forms to fill out before we could reenter the U.S. and ironically, the forms were all in Dutch! It was a flight from GERMANY to the UNITED STATES, so why would the hand out the forms in DUTCH?

but I managed to fill it out with little trouble due to my knowledge of German and English.

Based on my experience, Dutch seems to be much like a mixture of German and English.

Of course, understanding spoken Dutch would prove much more difficult.
Yeah, if it is written out, you usually understand what they mean. Usually, not all the time. And I would not say you can understand what the Dutch person is saying when they are talking. But there are strong similarities.
I live about 4 miles from the dutch border and work in the Netherlands since 20 years.
1. Dutch is a german language based on geran that was spoken in the 14th and 15th century
2. poeple that live close to the Netherlands usually speak a dialect that is close to Dutch so understanding is no problem for them
3.germans from Bavaria or other places like saxconia would not understand one word
3. similarities are a lot but again, from the 14th century spoken german.
4.a normal german person can not understand Dutch, most people talk fast and also in the Netherlands are a lot of dialects.
the German word Doof means stupid the dutch word doof means deaf
german Meer means Ocean, dutch meer is a lake.
German word Nazi means Nazi (you know waht I mean) but in dutch a natie (same pronouncation) means Nation.
We germans say Krankenhaus for a hospital, dutch word is Ziekenhuis. This is a good example for the old german word:
ziechenhaus is the old german word for the same thing.
and so on..
6.when I speak fluid german, no dutch understand me..
I hope this will answer your question
Well I have never been in the Netherlands. But I am from Hamburg and we have 3 Dutch Provinces "Altes Land", "Finkenwerder", and "Vier Lande" ok they came about a thousand years ago but they stayed there own ... do I understand them ? It`s difficult ... yes the most I do understand. There are a lot Dutch vendors on the famous hamburgian fishmarket --- they all speak "high German" --- of course the Dutch version. Problems no we speak a German dialect and we all had English at school and our hollydays we spend in spain and then we switch from one eurpopean problem German - Dutch version or German to the next Spanish --- Castillano --- Catalan or Andaluz --- no real problem no one is starving --- we all pay in Euros.
People from the northern part of Germany who are able to speak plattd¨¹tsch will have no problem to make themselves understood in the Netherlands. People from the South of Germany will have problems.

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