In the new cities of the 1800s, streetcars were to the suburbs and residential neighborhoods as glass and stee?

Part of your question seems to be missing, however, it is interesting how streetcars and suburbs are related. Streetcars are responsible for the existence of the suburbs. The companies bought up farms outside the city and built streetcar lines to them. They often built amusement parks at the end of the line to attract people. The same goes on today. In metropolitan Washington D.C. the Metro subway has been doing the same thing over the last 35 years, which is how long it has existed. The only difference is they didn't have to buy any land to attract people.

Now I guess that 'glass and steel' would be to the center city with the rise of the sky scraper. Prior to the creation of the sky scraper buildings were made of stone or brick or wood with brick facade. They were only 8 to 12 stories due to structural limitations.

They allowed both to experience explosive growth.

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